If you have unauthorized credit card transactions from "MOUNTAIN SKY" or "MOUNTAIN PEAK SUPPLEMENTS" please read on.

Credit card transactions generated by “MOUNTAIN PEAK SUPPLEMENTS” or “MOUNTAIN SKY” are not transactions made by our company. We are not affiliated with any business operating under the names: “MOUNTAIN PEAK CBD,” “MOUNTAIN PEAK CBD OIL,” “MOUNTAIN PEAK SUPPLEMENTS,” or “MOUNTAIN SKY.”

If you have submitted a survey for “free” CBD products or have been charged for CBD product auto-shipments and are looking to dispute the charges, you need to contact the company operating under one of the aforementioned business names (ph. 701-347-1477) and/or your bank to dispute the charges and cancel your card (recommended). We are not affiliated and they are in violation of our US registered and trademarked brand.

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Mountain Peak Nutritionals
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9 am to 5 pm, PST.


Doctors and licensed healthcare professionals: We welcome your questions regarding our formulas and how we can assist you in successfully implementing a nutritional program into your practice. For a free consultation, please call us at our toll-free number. Or email us at

Note for patients: If you are a patient, please understand that we cannot and do not offer personal medical or nutritional advice. If you have concerns about your current treatment, please direct your questions to your physician. Your health is important to us, and your treatment concerns should first and foremost be discussed with your physician.


Because we do not have a storefront, local orders need to be placed in advance and arranged to be picked up from our front office during normal business hours. We ask for at least a 30 minute lead time before you arrive and payment must be made in advance by credit/debit card.