Welcome to Mountain Peak Nutritionals!

My commitment to nutritional health began in 1975 when I opened “Beautiful Day Natural Foods”, the first natural food store in Durham, NC. In 1985, I gained licensure as a naturopathic physician after graduating from the National College of Natural Medicine (now NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. After 17 years of private practice and personally witnessing the tremendous benefits nutritional supplementation can provide, I finally decided to leave private practice and concentrate solely on developing Mountain Peak Nutritionals (MPN) as a distinctive, professional nutritional supplements brand.

Together with Karen, my wife, best friend and business partner, we’ve grown from our humble beginnings in 1996 when we offered one product, Ultra High™ Multi vitaminvitamin & mineral formula, to our present line of 36 different Condition Specific Formulas®. However, our business philosophy continues to be the same: To create the highest quality supplements, using the most pure, bioavailable, and clinically proven ingredients, in formulas that address specific health conditions.

Mountain Peak Nutritionals Condition Specific Formulas® are unique and comprehensive. MPN affords healthcare practitioners and their patients an easier way to integrate nutritional supplementation into the foundation of their healthcare programs. Patients no longer need to purchase and ingest a plethora of pills to address their condition, making MPN formulas more user friendly and more cost effective. We have seen that this improves patient compliance and creates better patient outcomes, which is our ultimate goal.

Call our knowledgeable, friendly staff if you have any questions. We appreciate your feedback and support!

Yours in Health,