We had almost given up hope prior to MPN

I wanted to let you know our naturopath prescribed your products (Anti-Inflammatory™ and Tranquility™) to my 17-year-old son who was suffering from chronic headaches and anxiety. Our family has always tried the natural route before pharmaceuticals. We had almost given up hope prior to MPN as his previous doctor had him taking supplements that were not working (9 per day). The very day he started taking your products (2 per day) he experienced immediate relief!!! He feels like himself again and is back on track. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do!!! I believe you literally saved my son’s life as his chronic condition was leaving him hopeless and depressed. He’s doing so well now and we see daily improvements. Wishing you all the blessings in the world and continued success. I will be sharing/promoting your products to everyone I know!

— Mary Z. – AZ

Chronic Immune formula … has worked wonders!

I have Hashimoto’s and sensory processing disorder and was pretty much falling apart after a bout of colitis last month. My naturopath gave me the Chronic Immune™ formula and it has worked wonders! I have enough energy to get through the busy day at work and concentrate better, and sensory issues don’t freak me out as much. Most of all, I feel happier on this formula. I have my happy self back and can crack jokes and make everyone smile.

— Rebecca M.

A Glycemic Success Story…

Had a patient with Type ll Diabetes mellitus who had been on a few other glycemic support supplements, as well as insulin. When she came to me, I took her off 10 assorted piece-meal pills a day and started Glycemic™ formula. Six weeks later her MD reduced her insulin by 10 units and patient has doctor’s permission to continue decreasing it over the next few months. She is losing weight effortlessly (Blood Type Diet), energy came up, thyroid function kicked in. We HAD to dance in celebration.


–JK – Palmer, AK

Acute Immune for three days at the very first sign of a cold

Thank you so very much for four relatively cold-and-flu-free years, during which I have been using Acute Immune™ for three days at the very first sign of a cold. (For me this is almost always a scratchy throat.) I take about 8 caps per day for three days, spread out. Only twice in four years have I actually ended up with a cold! I have not had flu at all, and haven’t coughed for that long either. As I am a special ed teacher exposed to many, many germs, including those of my sick teacher colleagues, I consider your formula to be very close to a miracle! Last week, the formula rescued my vacation in San Francisco. I did not want to get sick! It only took 24 hours to eliminate my early symptoms. Kudos!!!

— Alix Morris – CA

Acute Immune Successfully Tackled My Sinus Infection

Your Acute Immune™ formula, as prescribed by my naturopathic doctor, eliminated the pain of a severe sinus infection in only 3 days. I have a medical history of sinus infections resistant to strong combination antibiotics prescribed by an MD, so I was very surprised to get much better results from your product. I now use them for all threats of colds or flu.

— Theresa P.

Heart Tension Lowered my Blood Pressure

I have had high blood pressure, since almost forever, it seems. Recently, I had a mini-stroke, so keeping my blood pressure under control is of vital importance now. My naturopath thought Heart Tension™ formula would help me. The first few days, I started taking a dose of 3 per day, but that was actually too much and made me a bit sleepy and reduced my blood pressure lower than I had ever remembered seeing it! After settling on a dose of two per day, these [capsules] have worked well for me, better than any natural medicine OR high blood pressure medication that I have ever tried, and with no noticeable side effects.

My blood pressures are now great, averaging around 130/75. Honestly, these are numbers I haven’t seen in years. Thank you so much for creating this formula. You’ve sold it for me. And, also, these [capsules] are very reasonably priced.

I think I’m a lifetime customer of your remedies. Please don’t change this one.

— Joan V. – OR

I Can’t Keep Enough of the Ultra High in Stock

I can’t keep enough of the Ultra High™ in stock.  Once a patient uses the product, they’re hooked.  People state that it gives them a good metabolic foundation from which they can pull energy to get through the day without feeling “wired” or anxious.  It has been especially good for people […] because of the link between high homocysteine levels and lack of B12.  I’ve never had a complaint about digestion or colon irritation, either.  Assimilation seems to be rapid and the effects are long lasting.

— Mary Elizabeth Smith, LMT, CCN – Oregon

Sleep Easy Works

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your Sleep Easy™ formula! I have tried so many sleep supplements to help regulate my sleep and Sleep Easy™ WORKS! I sleeep like a baby every time I take it.

–Amanda M.

Sleep Easy™ works for almost everybody (95%).  By far the best sleep formula available.

— Kathryn Retzler, ND – Oregon