Who We Are

Mountain Peak Nutritionals® (MPN) was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jim Massey ND with the intention of creating a unique, comprehensive line of formulas which address specific health conditions.  From our humble beginnings when we offered just one product, the advanced Ultra High™ multivitamin-mineral formula, to our present line of 32 Condition Specific Formulas®, our philosophy has remained the same:  To create the highest quality nutritional supplements, using the most pure, bioavailable and clinically-proven ingredients.

Our goal is to assist doctors in successfully addressing the chronic diseases commonly seen in practices today.  Each formula is based on the most up-to-date scientific research, clinical studies, and medical nutritional information available.

How are the Condition Specific Formulas created?

The formulas are created by Dr. Massey.  All ingredients are reviewed for clinical efficacy and safety. Only those pharmaceutical grade ingredients that provide the best therapeutic results are considered. The final selection of ingredients is determined by their possible synergistic action with one another. All ingredients are cross-referenced with one another to ensure a safe and optimal combination.

Why use Condition Specific Formulas?

There are three main reasons:

Improved clinical results – Condition Specific Formulas® are formulations that address underlying nutritional deficiencies and the actual causes of the symptoms associated with specific health conditions. The formulations are also designed to reduce the severity and frequency of presenting symptoms. Because each formulation contains the critical nutrients patients need to experience the long-term benefit of better health, improved clinical results and significantly enhanced patient outcomes are seen.

Increased patient compliance – Most health conditions require a diverse assortment of nutritional products in order to serve the needs of patients, necessitating too many bottles, too many pills and too much expense to encourage patient compliance.  Using MPN’s Condition Specific Formulas®, patients no longer need to purchase multiple bottles and ingest a plethora of pills to address their symptoms. The formulations are user-friendly, which improves patient compliance.

Great value –The comprehensive formulations of Condition Specific Formulas® are exceptionally cost-effective for the patient.

With 32 products to choose from, MPN offers advanced formulations that will make a difference in the health and well-being of patients.

Why choose Mountain Peak Nutritionals?

There are three main reasons why you should choose Mountain Peak:

Quality Standards – MPN is committed to producing the highest quality Condition Specific Formulas® in the nutritional supplement industry. We maintain our leadership, and your trust, by offering products manufactured in compliance with current good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Our manufacturing facility uses raw materials that are tested and free of bacteria, mold, yeast, aflatoxins, gamma radiation, heavy metals, chemical solvents, pesticides, and herbicides. Our products are encapsulated in a manner that avoids using binders, shellacs, coatings and excipients in the manufacturing process. This allows us to maintain the highest standard of product purity and is also in keeping with our company philosophy. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and in their most bioavailable forms. Each ingredient is quarantined and receives a certificate of analysis before being blended into MPN formulations. An independent company certifies that each formula contains all the raw materials listed on the label and that they are in accordance with DSHEA rules, FTC Truth in Labeling laws and FDA regulations.

MPN formulas are 100% gluten-free. MPN formulas do not contain wheat, eggs, yeast, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy or soy (except where noted), or preservatives. We also exclude the use of magnesium stearate, stearic acid and other flowing agents that can inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients.

Clinical Experience – Our formulas are formulated by Dr. Jim Massey, a naturopathic physician with extensive clinical experience in nutrition and botanical medicine. These formulas represent the pinnacle of his clinical experience.

Customer Satisfaction – Since 1996, we have helped doctors throughout the country achieve clinical success with their patients.  Our superior formulations, quality customer service, and our commitment to doctors and their patients have led to our rapid growth and consumer appreciation.  We will continue researching and developing new formulas to help doctors improve the lives of their patients.

More about Dr. Jim Massey

Dr. Jim Massey is passionate about nutrition. His commitment and education in nutrition began in 1975 when he opened the first natural food store in Durham, North Carolina, called Beautiful Day Natural Foods. In 1980 he sold Beautiful Day and began his formal medical education at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland. In his 35 years of studying nutrition, being a family practitioner, teaching nutrition, guest lecturing, and formulating supplements for MPN and other major nutritional supplement companies, Dr. Massey has personally witnessed the incredible benefits that clinical nutrition can provide. He continues to research new ways to help practitioners be more effective in their medical practices.

MPN affords practitioners and their patients an easy and highly successful way to integrate nutritional supplementation into the nutritional foundation of their healthcare programs.

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